Value Added Services

Our staff's mission is to earn your trust and recommendation by thoroughly investigating your current and future financial needs, creating and implementing a complete and concise personal strategy to accomplish these goals, and continually reviewing our progress toward success.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. Below are some of the value added services you will receive from Gossett & Associates Wealth Management Group:



  • Thorough contact with clients, i.e. phone calls, meetings, newsletters, cards, articles of interest,  financial reports, e-mails, lunches, and special events.
  • Conduct complete account performance reviews. (annually)
  • Send informational newsletters.
  • Educate clients and family members at multi-generational meetings.
  • Conduct periodic educational seminars with informative guest speakers.
  • Coordinate with client's CPAs, accountants, attorneys, bankers, etc.

Investment Advice

  • Establish comprehensive investment and financial strategies.
  • Utilize professionally managed asset allocation investment plans.
  • Provide computer-based investment analysis.
  • Demonstrate hypothetical investment scenarios.
  • Provide an investment policy statement.
  • Assist in implementing tax-planning strategies.
  • Personal financial planning services.
  • Evaluate employer/employee fringe benefit programs, i.e. stock options, etc.
  • Provide capital gain/loss reports.

Planning Services

  • Prepare/implement pre/post-retirement planning strategies.
  • Offer estate-planning services.
  • Provide advice and plans for your children's/grandchildren's college expenses
  • Analyze client's pension plans and income choices.
  • Calculate expected income/benefits from Social Security and Medicare.
  • Review 401(k) plans and investment options.
  • Assist in charitable gifting programs.
  • Examine future college funding needs.
  • Plan asset distribution for estates in probate.

Insurance Analysis

  • Review client's life/disability insurance plans.
  • Facilitate long term care planning.

Corporate Services

  • Provide comprehensive 401(k) plan services to small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Provide death, disability, and retirement buy/sell agreements.  

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.